Play dough ball and Paper Tunnel! Ages 3+

Fun and easy create your own paper tunnel game! This game is great for motor skills, balance, coordination, counting and color recognition.

Paper Plate
Construction paper
Little piece of play dough

Play dough ball and paper tunnels! Ages 3+Full Details:

Posted by LEARN as you PLAY- Preschool Activities on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

First you have to cut 4 strips of construction paper. I used 4 different colors so we could also talk about colors. Then you tape the strips of construction paper to look like little tunnels.

Next get a little piece of play dough and roll it into a ball. A tiny ball or marble would work too!

Then you have to try and get the ball through all four tunnels to win!

After Jalen got use to the game we started to time how fast he could do it! Then he wanted to try starting by tossing the ball up and catching it on the plate. Have Fun!
IMG_2126 (1)

Thank You for this great idea!

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