Metal Cans, Googly Eyes, Pom Poms & Lids! Ages 2+

*We used magnetic tape to get the loose parts to stick the cans.
Here is a fun loose parts activity with endless opportunities.  The kids can create whatever they want.  Kids love to talk about their creations.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions.  What did you create?  Can you tell me about it?  How many pom poms did you use?  Did you use any yellow? Which color did you use the most of?  Which color did you use the least of?  Questioning children about their creations is a great way to incorporate language development.

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Metal Cans
Googly eyes
Pom Poms
Magnetic tape

Start collecting some metal cans.  I like to create all different sizes.  

Get some magnetic tape and start cutting pieces to stick on the pom poms, lids and goggly eyes.

Then put out the materials and let kids create! 


Here is a link for the facebook post! 

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