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Phonological Awareness – Playing with Sounds in Language

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Playing with Sounds in Language.

Phonological Awareness

We like to think of phonological awareness in preschool as playing with, recognizing and working with the sounds of language – or the sound system of language.  It is essential to build a strong phonological awareness before learning to read or even learning letter sounds.  The following course will help you to help your children become more confident in playing with language so they are ready for developing pre-reading skills after preschool. We have chosen to break phonological awareness in preschool into 6 parts:

  • Word Awareness
  • Compound Words
  • Syllables
  • Onset – Rime 
  • Rhyming 
  • Individual Phonemes  

Remember while we suggest introducing these concepts in a certain order, you should always revisit the skills you have already taught.  Meaning, don’t forget about word awareness as you move onto compound words, or don’t forget syllables as you move onto rhyming. Ultimately students will need to naturally integrate these skills to provide an entry point to literacy.

Our Playing with Sounds in Language course gives you: 

  • 23 activities with videos 
  • Easy 5-10 minute activities 
  • Using things you have around your house  

Get rid of worksheets and PLAY! 


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