Shapes and Road Tape!

Great way to talk about shapes!

Materials Needed:
Road Tape (I bought on amazon, just type in road tape)
Cars or other forms of transportation.

Video coming soon

First Kysen helped me make the shapes with the road tape. As we were making the shapes we talked about them. What is the name of this shape? How many sides does this shape have? How many corners does the shape have? What do you notice about this shape?

Next Kysen played with the cars on the road. As he played I would asked him questions. How many cars fill up this side of the square? How many cars fill up the whole shape? What was the name of this shape? Do you see any yellow cars on this side? How many red cars on the triangle?

When he was all done filling up the shapes we counted how many cars were on each shape. Which one had the least? Which one had the most? Which one was in the middle?

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