Category: Fine Motors

Age 2+

Different Size Lids! Ages 2+

Kysen loved matching the lids! This activity was great for fine motor development! Twisting and turning caps help stregthen those finger muscles to prepare them

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Age 4+

Summer Journal! AGES 4+

Jalen and Kysen have really enjoyed doing their summer journals. This is an easy way to have your kids continue to work on their language,

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Age 3+

Lego Measuring! AGES 3+

Here is a fun measurement activity.  Kysen had fun guessing what he thought would be longer or shorter!  Young children apply early concepts of measurement

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Age 3+

Pom Pom Matching! AGES 3+

This activity is great for fine motor and spatial reasoning skills.  Strong spatial reasoning skills in preschool help support math learning in elementary school. Materials: Pom

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