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Color Find! Ages 2+

This is a fun way to get kids working on their colors and up and moving! Grab some colored masking tape and tape it around your house or classroom.  Spin the wheel and run to the matching color. After you practice running you can change up the motion to bear crawl, crab walk, hop, frog jumps or anything else you can think of! 

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Color Wheel
Paper Clip
Paper Fastener
Colored Masking Tape

Here is a video of Kaylee doing the activity! 

This activity is very simple to set up.  Place one piece of each color of the  masking tape on  the floor in your house or classroom.  You can spread them out as much as you want. Then have your child or class spin the wheel and run to find the matching color. You can also change up the motion as the kids get into the game.  You can hop, frog jump, spin, bear crawl, crab walk….. the options are endless! 



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