Author: Shann Acevedo

6 months+

Magnet Play

This is my go to activity for Devyn when I am cooking!  All you need is some foam magnets and a metal pan.  This activity

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Age 6+

Ball Catch! Ages 6+

As much as these boys love to compete against each other, they also love to work together!  This is a fun activity to work on

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Nature Christmas Art

Written by Debbie Markland, December 2020 Since I have been spending the majority of my time back in school outside due to COVID, I thought

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6 months+

String Grab! 6 months+

Devyn loves pulling on strings.  Whenever I have strings on my shirts she always wants to pull and chew on them.  She loves playing with

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Age 4+

9 Fun & Simple Games

These fun and simple games will have your kids moving and having fun!  Collect some things from around your house and get ready to play! 

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Age 2+

Math with Candy!

If your children went trick or treating I bet they have candy that you can use for math! The first thing my kids like to

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Blog Posts

Let’s Talk about Skin Color

This article was originally published in Home and Classroom magazine, published by Brightside Up. By Debbie Markland In 2018, in Shann Acevedo and Molly Collier’s

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Age 3+

Ball Roll! Ages 3+

The boys played with these materials for almost an hour!  They did a great job taking turns being the person who got to roll the

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6 months+

Ring Grab! 6 months +

Devyn is making her Learn as you Play debut!   It was amazing to watch how fast she figured out how to get these rings

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