Color Changing Milk Experiment! AGES 2 +

Watch the magic happen with this color changing experiment!

Materials needed:
Food Coloring
Dish Soap (I used Dawn dish soap but think any would work)

Fill a tray with milk then put some drops of food coloring.

We tried this experiment 3 different ways. First we used pipettes and dish soap. Using pipettes is great for fine motors. The boys used the pipettes to put drops of soap on the food coloring.

Second we used q tips and dish soap. The boys dipped the tip of the q tip in the dish soap and then used the q tips to touch the drops of food coloring.

The last time we soaked a cotton ball with dish soap and dropped it in the middle of all the drops of food coloring.

Each time we tried it a different way we talked about the differences and similarities in what we observed. What is happening to the colors? The boys enjoyed all 3 ways!

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