Painting with Pop Rocks! AGES 2 +

Fun process art mixed with some sensory play! We also talked about our five senses!

Materials(affiliate links):
Pop Rocks
Paint brushes

This is a great activity to incorporate talking about the five senses: taste, smell, feel, see, hear. Before we painted we got to feel,observe(see) and smell the pop rocks. Then we tasted them and listened to the popping in our mouths.
What do they smell like? How do they feel? How do they smell? What do you hear? How do they taste?

Next we got to paint with them. The best part about painting with them is listening to the sound they make while you paint! The boys thought it was so cool. What do you hear?

One of the pop rocks got in Jalen’s paint jar and he was so excited he could hear it popping in the jar.

Of course when they were done painting they asked if they could taste some more!

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