Shapes & Water Balloons! AGES 2+

Fun way to work on shapes while having fun with water balloons! Great for gross motors too!

Materials(affiliate links):
Water balloons
Piece of Chalk

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity! 

First my 6 year old made some shape cards. He made 5 shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangular, pentagon.

Next he drew the same shapes with chalk outside.

We turned all the cards face down. Kysen my 3 year old would flip over a card and tell us what shape he got. When he turned all the cards over we would shuffle and turn the cards face down again.

Next he would get a water balloon and throw it at the matching shape! He loved throwing the water balloons!

Make sure you don’t forget to pick up the balloon pieces! It’s a great fine motor activity!

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