Balloon Toss to 100! AGES 5+

Great way to practice counting by 5s and 10s!

Materials(affiliate links):
2 Buckets/ Bowls
Water Balloons

First Jalen tested out how far he wanted to throw using a rock. Then he drew a start line.

When he threw the first balloon it knocked the bowl over. We put some rocks in the bowl to weigh it down.

If he got a water balloon in the first bucket it was 5 points. If he got a water balloon in the second bucket it was 10 points.

Jalen kept a running total of his points. He was trying to get to 100. This was a great game for him to practice counting by 5’s and 10’s. He made it to 110! Then he ran out of balloons.

Make sure you don’t forget to pick up the balloon pieces! It’s a great fine motor activity!

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