Ivory Soap Cloud! AGES 3+

What happens when you microwave ivory soap? This is a great science and sensory activity! Easy way to talk about irreversible change.

Materials(affiliate links):
Ivory Soap (just need one bar)

Before we did this experiment I let the boys feel the soap and predict what they thought would happen. Jalen my 6 year old said the soap would melt. Kysen my 3 year old said he thought the soap would get bigger.

Then we put the soap in a bowl and microwaved it for 2 minutes.

It definitely got bigger! Looks like a fluffy cloud!

We microwaved 2 different bars of soap (Make sure you let them cool off for a little before the kids dive in). Then the boys played with their clouds! It breaks off in flakey pieces.

When they were done playing they asked if they could mix the soap in water. It really just made soapy water, but they loved mixing it!

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