Ivory Soap Molding Dough! Ages 3+

Molding dough is a great sensory and science activity! It’s also fun to build and create with!

Materials(affiliate links):
Ivory Soap
Toilet Paper

Start by shredding up a bar of ivory soap. We shredded 2 bars.

Mix one cup of warm water for every bar of soap. We did 2 bars of soap so we used 2 cups of warm water.


Next we lined our trays with toilet paper. The boys had so much fun tearing the toilet paper!

Then we were ready to scoop some of the soap and water mixture onto our toilet paper. At first it does’t seem to do much. Keep mixing and kneading the soap mixture with the toilet paper until you get a moldable dough. If it’s too wet add more toilet paper. If it’s too dry add more water.

Once you get it to a moldable consistency have fun building and creating! Jalen made a snowman and a cave.

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