Tops & Numbers! AGES 3+

Kysen had so much fun matching the numbers to the circles with the same amount of dots. This activity is great for working on number recognition and subitizing (instantly recognizing quantities).

Tops (mine are milk jug tops)
Piece of Paper

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Posted by LEARN as you PLAY- Preschool Activities on Sunday, July 1, 2018

I used 10 tops. First write numbers on your tops. I did 1-5 (twice). Next get a paper and trace the tops making 10 circles. Then make dots on your circles. Move the dots around! I did 2 circles for each number. For example 2 circles had 1 dot, 2 circles had 2 dots, 2 circles had 3 dots and so on.

We went over the numbers before we started the game.

Then Kysen matched the numbers to the circles with the same amount of dots.

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14 Responses

    1. Copy the dots on the underside; if the dots match the paper, it’s right. Actually, that would be the perfect lead-up to this version! Match the dots on the paper with the dots under the bottlecap! Then advance to number recognition.

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