Colored Water & Oil! AGES 3+

Easy science and fine motor fun! Great activity to just let kids explore. What do you think will happen when you put the colored water in the oil?

Materials (affiliate links):
Food Coloring
Pipettes or liquid droppers
Baby Oil ( I believe any oil would work)

First you will need to make some color water. We filled our cups half way and added a couple drops (3-5) of food coloring to make the water turn colors.

Then Jalen poured the baby oil in the bowl.

Then give each child a pipette(great for fine motors) and they are ready to explore! I asked them what they thought would happen when they put the colored water in the oil. They thought it was amazing how the colors floated in the oil. We talked about how the water and the oil won’t mix because the oil is less dense than water.

After they did a bunch of different color drops they wanted to mix the colors up! What do you think will happen when you mix the colors up?

They thought it was so cool how some of the color bubbles didn’t mix together.

When they were done mixing the colors my 3 year old wanted to put the liquid back in his cup. He was amazed that the liquids still stayed separated in his cup and in the pippete.

Thanks for the great idea

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