Fly Swatter Number Game! AGES 2+

Fun way to practice number recognition! Also great for gross motors!

Materials (affiliate links):
Fly Swatter
Post-it (paper with tape will work too)

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity! 

Full Details:

Posted by LEARN as you PLAY- Early Childhood Activites on Thursday, 26 July 2018

Start by writing numbers on Post-it’s. I wrote numbers 1-10. Then stick them to a wall.

Hand your little one a fly swatter and you are ready to go! I called out different numbers and Kysen had to find them and swat them! He thought this was so funny! Was so cute to hear him giggle each time he swatted a number!

You could easily make this harder by calling out different things.
– Find the number that comes before 2
– Find the number that comes after 3
– Find the number that is in between 4 and 6
– Find the biggest number
– Find the smallest number
– addition or subtraction

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