Popsicle Stick Symmetry! Ages 3+

This is an easy way to talk about colors, shapes and symmetry. All you need is some tape and colored popsicle sticks! Symmetry is a fundamental part of geometry, nature, and shapes. It creates patterns that help us organize our world conceptually. We see symmetry every day but often don’t realize it.

Painters tape
Colored Popsicle Sticks

First make a line with a piece of painters tape. Then make a design with some of the popsicle sticks. See if your little one can recreate the design on the other side of the tape.

This is a great activity to incorporate a lot of math talk about colors and shapes. What shapes do you see? How many sticks did you use to make the shape? How many red sticks do you see? Which color do you see the most of? Which color do you see the least of?


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