Chalk Paint! AGES 2+

This is a fun process art activity. Make your own chalk paint! The colors come out very vibrant!

Materials (affiliate links):
Cheese Grater (I bought them at the dollar store)
Paint Brushes (I bought them at the dollar store)

First we had to grate up the chalk! The boys loved using the cheese grater.

Then add 1-3 Tbsps of water. We just eyed it. If it’s too thin you can add more grated chalk. If it’s too thick than add more water.

Mix it up!

Then you are ready to paint!

The boys had so much fun with this activity! They kept wanting to mix more colors.

Kysen (3) got really into mixing colors to see what color they would change into.

Jalen (6) had a clear vision in his mind. He mixed the colors he needed to make his Atlanta United symbol. He did the best he could with the colors we had! He used grey instead of black.

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