Pumpkin Toss! AGES 3+

Try and toss a pumpkin into one of the buckets. Say the letter of the bucket when you make it in! You can play this game with anything letters,numbers, names, shapes, words…

Materials (affiliate link):
Pumpkin candies(got them at the dollar store)
Mini Halloween Buckets (got them at the dollar store)
Dry Erase Marker
White paper laminated
piece of cardboard or wood
Hot glue gun

First I hot glued the mini Halloween buckets to a piece of wood.

Next I laminated a piece of white paper and cut it into strips.

Then I glued the laminated strips in front of the mini Halloween buckets.

Now you are ready to play! Write letters, numbers, name, words or shapes in front of the mini Halloween buckets. Toss or drop the pumpkin candies into mini Halloween buckets.

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