DIY Christmas Gift! AGES 3+

Great DIY Christmas gift! We made these in my class for the parents this year. Could also be a great gift for grandparents. Was a good way to talk to kids about measurement. They had to put longer pieces on bottom and shorter pieces on top.

Materials (affiliate links):
Christmas Craft Paper
8 x 10 frame (I bought them at the dollar store since it was a present for the parents if my whole class.)
Spray glue
Glue stick
Wrapping paper ( I found this one at target)
Paper or Poster board

Free Tree printable >>> LearnAsYouPlay_TreeCutout

First print out the free tree printable above. The size is for a 8 x 10 frame.
Cut out the tree. I like to use pasteboard but regular paper would work too.

You will have to cut up your christmas craft paper into different size stripes. You could have the kids cut them up too if they are capable. Cut some long for the bottom, medium for middle and shorter for top.

Then you are ready to start gluing. I talked with the kids about measurement. We talked about how the longer pieces would go on the bottom and the shorter pieces on the top.

Make sure the tree is all covered.

Then you need to get wrapping paper and glue it to the back of the frame.. I like to use spray glue. Once it is dry glue your tree on top of the wrapping paper and put the frame back together.

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