Loose Parts Snowman! AGES 3+

Can you build a snowman? This is a fun transient art activity! Transient art is non-permanent, constantly evolving and process orientated creativity in action. When children work on transient art projects they manipulate, explore and experiment.

Materials (affiliate link)
Googly eyes
Different Size Lids
Strips of fabric

Transient art Snowman! Ages 3+Googly eyes, buttons, lids, beads and strips of fabric.The boys love doing transient...

Posted by LEARN as you PLAY- Preschool Activities on Monday, January 7, 2019

The boys love doing transient art because it is open ended. Offering transient art in an early years setting can open up plenty of learning opportunities for children. It can help develop their creativity as well as their imagination skills. Transient art offers the children the ability to create and explore materials without pressure being put on them. With the materials being moveable it allows children to think of ideas and change them when needed.

Here is a link to the facebook post! 

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