Snowman Toss to 100! Ages 4 +

This game is great for gross motors while practicing some adding.

Materials (affiliate link):
3 different size boxes (small, medium and large)
2 sticks for arms
Marker to draw a face and numbers
Wrapping paper
Wiffle ball

We saved 3 boxes to make this game (small, medium, and large). First cut a hole in each box. The largest box had the biggest hole since it was the least amount of points. The holes got smaller as the boxes got smaller. Then we wrapped them with wrapping paper making sure the white side of the paper was showing.

Next we drew a face on the smallest box. Then added 2 sticks for arms. The last thing we had to do was write the points on each box.

Then for fun we gave the snowman a hat!

Now we were ready to play! Toss the ball and see how many points you can get. Our goal was to get to 100.

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