Art and recycled materials! AGES 3+

This is a fun open ended way to let kids create, problem solve, design and use their critical thinking skills. It amazes me what they come up with.

Materials (aff links):
Recycled materials (paper towel rolls, lids, straws, paper…)
Painters Tape

Recycled, or “found,” materials represent an abundant, sustainable and affordable resource for young children’s creative self-expression. They are also a great resource for design thinking, a methodology for problem solving that focuses on creative thinking to generate insights and solutions.




Lollipop with a stand!

As design thinkers, tinkerers and makers, children have the opportunity to enter into a dynamic relationship with these open-ended materials, exploring their unique characteristics and properties, confronting problems and in the process creatively discovering solutions.

Dragon with a long tail

Children’s physical development is enhanced when they explore found materials. They not only build their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills but also their ability to discern sensory input including sight, touch and hearing as they notice how found materials look, feel and sound. Children also gain important knowledge about tools and materials as they learn techniques and practice skills like joining, adhering, cutting, stapling, taping and gluing.

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