Rhyming Cube! Ages 3+

So easy and so fun! All you need is a small tissue box, some pictures and tape. The kids love rolling the cube! They take turns rolling, if they roll a bee they tell you a word that rhymes with bee. Rhyming is an aspect of phonemic awareness (awareness of how to listen to, identify, and change around the sounds in spoken language). Phonemic awareness lays the groundwork for written language. Rhyming is a precursor to learning how to read and write.

Tissue Box or small box
construction paper
clear packing tape
FREE Printable of pictures > Set 1 & Set 2

Video of Kysen doing activity!


First gather your materials.

Next wrap your tissue box with construction paper and packing tape.

Print out the FREE Printable of pictures >>> Set 1 & Set 2
I like to laminate the photos so I can reuse them each year with my class. Then I cut all the pictures out.

Next put 2 pieces of velcro on the back of each picture and 2 pieces of velcro on each side of the cube. I put all the soft sides of velcro on the pictures and all the rough sides of the velcro on the box.

Last velcro the pictures on the box and you are ready to play. As the kids get good with rhyming you can switch out the pictures.

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