Bottle Tops & Math! AGES 3+

This is an easy DIY math game!  You can use this game for math equations, number order, number recognition, evens and odds.  It is also a great way to strengthen those fine motor muscles.

Materials (aff links):
13-20 Bottle tops
Piece of a cardboard box
Hot glue gun
Sharpie Marker
Dry erase markers
Eraser for dry erase markers
Piece of white paper laminated

Cut the bottle tops off of the bottles. Then hot glue them onto a piece of a cardboard box. Next write the numbers and math symbols on the tops with a sharpie.
Laminate a piece of white paper and hot glue it to the top of the piece of cardboard. Now you are ready to play!

Here is a video of the boys using the math game!

Kysen was working on number order. He started with one and put the numbers in order from 1-10.

Jalen was working on math equations.

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