Roll a set of 5! AGES 3+

Here, Kysen is showing how he can decompose numbers less than 5 in more than one way.  Simply put five double sided chips in a cup shake them up and pour them out! Then arrange the 5 chips in a row.  His challenge was to make every row look different.

Materials (aff link):
Double sided chips
small cup

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity.

First put 5 double sided chips in a cup. Then shake them up and pour them out!

Next have them put the 5 chips in a line. Then have them read the line to you. For example 4 red and 1 yellow equal 5.

The challenge is to make 5 different rows of 5 (so no row should look the same).

A number bond (sometimes alternatively called an addition fact) is a simple addition sum which has become so familiar that a child can recognize it and complete it almost instantly, with recall as automatic as that of an entry from a multiplication table in multiplication.

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