Sponge Ball Painting! AGES 3+

Great gross motor and painting activity! Kysen did this sponge ball painting activity in his Let’s Make a Mess class at his school! The kids loved it because it was messy and fun!

Materials (aff links)
Washable Paint
Tray or buckets for paint
Old Sheet

Here is a video of the kids doing the activity!

First cut the sponge in 4 equal parts. Then stack the sponge pieces and wrap a rubber band around the middle to hold the sponge pieces together.

Next put some paint in a tray or bucket.

Then let the kids paint and have fun. All of the kids started out dipping the sponge balls in the paint and throwing them at the sheet. As the activity went on some continued to throw and some started to print with the sponge ball and their hands! They all had so much fun!

The finished product came out beautiful!

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