Popsicle Stick 5 Frame! AGES 3+

Number bonds let students split numbers in useful ways. They show how numbers join together, and how they break down into component parts. Number bonds forge the number sense needed for early primary students to move to addition and subtraction. As students progress, number bonds become an essential mental problem-solving strategy.

Materials (affiliate Links)
Popsicle sticks
Small popsicle sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Unifix cubes or glass nuggets
Dice 0-5

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity! 

To make the 5 frame you need 4 popsicle sticks and 6 small popsicle sticks. Then you hot glue them together.

Before we start I always have the kids count how many empty spaces their are so they can get an understanding that we are working with sets of 5. Then have the child roll the dice. Have them tell you what number they rolled (working on number recognition).

Roll the dice and fill the 5 frame with unifix cubes to match the number they rolled. Then count how many empty spaces there are. Add the number of empty spaces and the number of unifix cubes to make 5.

Then ask them if they can show you the number another way. This will help with their conservation of number. Conservation of numbers means that a person is able to understand that the number of objects remains the same even when rearranged.



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