Subitizing War! AGES 3+

The boys had so much fun playing this game.  As they turn a card they had to say the number. If the number is the same then they each flip another card. They are working on their subitizing skills to 5. The ability to subitize is an important part of developing a strong mathematical foundation and understanding of numbers.

Materials (aff link)
Free Printables of Subitizing cards Dots and ten frames

Here is a video of Jalen and Kysen playing against each other!

First print Dot Cards and Ten frame Cards. Then cut them out and laminate them. Now you are ready! Divide the cards in half.

Each person flips the card from the top of their pile at the same time. When you flip a card say the number. The high card wins. If you have the high card you keep the cards.

If you flip the same number then flip another card.

When all the cards in the piles are gone count who has more cards.

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