Mini Squigz Maze! AGES 4 +

Jalen really enjoyed this STEM challenge!  I challenged him to make a maze with the Mini Squiqzs.  He had to make sure that his bouncy ball fit through the maze.  He was up for the challenge!  Mini Squigzs are great for fine motors!

Get Mini Squigzs here (aff link):
Mini Squigz
Bouncy Ball (any small ball will work)

Here is a video of Jalen’s maze!

If your Mini Squigz are not sticking great you can get a bowl with a wet paper towel. Dip one end of the squigz on the paper towel. The water will help them stick stronger!

Kids love the freedom of designing their own maze. As Jalen built his maze I reminded him to check and make sure the ball fit through the maze.

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