Beginning Sounds/Letter Match! AGES 3+

This activity is great for practicing beginning sounds and letter matching.  All you need is some large and small lids! Early pre-reading skills are so important to create a strong reading foundation to build on. As children learn to read, they must draw on a backpack of skills and knowledge that help not only decode the text but also make meaning from it. Trying to teach a child who has not demonstrated a grasp on pre-reading skills to read can lead to frustration and anxiety for the young child—it isn’t developmentally appropriate.

Large Lids
Small Lids
Sharpie Marker

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity!

Start saving some large and small lids!

Before we started the activity. Kysen and I went through the letters and their sounds. Then he was ready to have some fun! He had to pick a letter from the smaller lids. Then exaggerate the sound as he said words to go with the beginning sounds as he matched the letters.

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