Matching Quantity! Ages 3+

Kysen thought this game was so silly. This kind of visual number sense empowers children and fosters a meaningful understanding of quantity. Strong number sense developed in the early years is a key building block of learning arithmetic in the primary grades.

Materials (aff link):
Counting Dots
Piece of paper
FREE printables DOTS and 5 Frames

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity!  

Print the cards here!  Flash the card to the child.  Then they have to recreate the same quantity with the counting dots. Once they say they are done show them the card and have them check to see if it’s the same quantity.

If they put too many or too little. Ask them if they can fix the dots so they are same quantity. Kysen realized when I showed him the card he had too many.  I asked him how he could make them the same.  He took away 4 dots to match the quantity of 5.

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