Comparing Numbers Chomp! AGES 3+

This activity is great for comparing numbers.  Comparing numbers is an important part of understanding the mathematical concepts of “greater than” and “less than,” and for developing skills for making logical guesses.  Comparing numbers is an important part of developing number sense.

2 popsicle sticks
piece of velcro
glass nuggets or other manipulatives

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity! 

To start get a piece of velcro and stick one side of velcro on one popsicle stick and the other side of the velcro on the other popsicle stick. Then grab some glass nuggets or any small manipulatives.

Before we started the activity I showed Kysen how to use the popsicles sticks. If the piles are the same amount make the equal sign. If they are different let the alligator chomp the bigger one.

When he chomped a piled he would push all the glass nuggets. Kysen like to say, “Chomp, chomp, chomp” as he pushed the glass nuggets away.

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