Number Sense Play Dough Roll! AGES 3+

This game is an easy way to work on number sense.  Since the kids are rolling balls of play dough they are also working their fine motors.  Many researchers agree that a strong foundation in number sense directly relates to a child’s overall success in math.  Teaching number sense to preschoolers is a bigger task than simply naming numbers and counting (although that is a big part of it).

Materials (affiliate link):
Ten Frames Printable

Here is a video of Kysen playing the game!

First roll the dice. Then make the same number of play dough balls as the number you rolled. Once the child puts the play dough balls on the ten frame. You can ask them how many empty spaces they see.

Have the child roll the dice again keeping the play dough balls on the ten frame. In the pictures below Kysen first rolled a 2. He made 2 play dough balls on his ten frame. When he rolled again he got a 5. I asked him if he could make the 2 into 5. This tells me he can count up from the number 2. As the child continues to roll have them count up or down to the new number they roll.

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