CVC Word Toss! AGES 4+

Dollar Tree win!  We found these dry erase blocks at the dollar tree!  This game is great for working on letter sounds, blending sounds and gross motors! Jalen was working on reading CVC words. It’s also okay if it’s a nonsense word. Reading nonsense words helps build confidence with decoding. Decoding occurs when a student uses his or her knowledge of letter-sound relationships to accurately read a word.

Materials (affiliate link):
Dry erase blocks (I got them at the dollar store.)
Dry erase marker

Here is a video of Jalen doing the activity!

I wrote vowels on the red blocks and consonants on the yellow blocks. The nice thing about these blocks is you can change the letters as they get use to the words. Next have the child roll the blocks. Then line the blocks up with the vowel in the middle. Last have them sound out the letters and read the word.


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