Beginning Sounds Game! AGES 3+

Kysen had fun working on beginning sounds! He had to roll the dry erase block. Then he had to find an object that starts with the letter he rolled. We got these cubes at the dollar tree!

Materials (affiliate links):
Dry erase blocks
Dry erase markers
bucket or basket
Objects that start with the letters you are working on

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity!

Write letters on the dry erase block. Find some items around your house or your classroom that start with whatever letters you are working on.

Have the child roll the dice and find an object that starts with the letter they rolled. Then have them place the object in a bucket. This is a fun way to work on beginning sounds. The smallest unit of sound in the spoken language is a phoneme. A phoneme can be created by one letter, such as b: /b/ or more than one letter sh: /sh/. This activity is to help practice beginning sound isolation.


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