Build Your Own City! AGES 3+

Kysen wanted to build a city for his cars.  He loves playing with loose parts.  It started off with him painting some toilet paper rolls.  He wanted them to be buildings for his cars. I love how he painted each roll with a different unique design. He has always loved art.  He definitely gets that from his dad.


When he was done painting all the rolls we let them dry.  The next day Kysen could not wait to build his city.  He had all sorts of great ideas.  First he wanted to make clouds for the sky.  He got some white construction paper, drew clouds and then cut them out.  He wanted the sky to be blue so he glued his clouds on blue paper.

When Kysen was done with his sky he taped it on the cabinet.  Now he was ready to tape some roads on the floor for his city.  When he was done taping the roads to the floor he ran and got his buildings to add into his city.

When he was done adding his buildings he realized he had some green and black tape too.  He decided to add a black parking garage next to a green area(grass) for a playground and another green area(grass) for a farm  for animals.

Now Kysen was ready to fill in his city.  He kept on collecting different things until eventually he thought his city was perfect!  He has spent endless amounts of times playing with his city.  Things get moved all around town and I love hearing the narratives he comes up with as he plays.

Top view of the city!


Here is a link for the facebook post! 

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