Lego Measuring! AGES 3+

Here is a fun measurement activity.  Kysen had fun guessing what he thought would be longer or shorter!  Young children apply early concepts of measurement in many of their everyday activities. They compare sizes of toys and portions of food, their own height to another’s,  and the lengths of toy trains. In exploring ways of comparing, they may use non-standard measurement tools such as legos to estimate length.

Materials (affiliate link):
Duplo Legos
FREE Duplo lego measuring cards
Objects from around your house or classroom

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity! 

First gather all your materials and print out the Lego Measuring Cards


Then have your child read the cards or read them to the child.  I had Kysen predict what he thought would be longer or shorter before he put the legos together.  Then he stacked the number of legos, found the object in the pile and measured them next to each other.  He had so much fun with this activity!  He especially loved when he guessed the answer right!

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