Pepper Soap Experiment! AGES 2+

This is a easy and fun cause and effect experiment!  All you need is water, pepper, dish soap and a plate.  When the boys first touch the pepper with nothing on their fingers nothing happens.  What happens when they touch the pepper with dish soap on their fingers?  The boys were amazed at the results!

Materials (affiliate links):
Dish Soap

Here is a video of the boys doing the experiment!

First pour some water on a plate. We used 1/2 cup but will depend on your plate size.

Next add some pepper.

Then the boys dipped their fingers in the water. Nothing happened. They were looking for a reaction. Kysen noticed the pepper stuck to his hand.

Next they dipped their fingers in dish soap. Then they dipped them in the water. This time the pepper moved to the side of the dish. This was a fun way to talk about cause and effect. The boys were amazed by the result! They wanted to keep doing it!

We got this great idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons! Check out their post here!

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