Candy Corn STEM Experiment! Ages 3+

Fun fall STEM activity! How many Candy Corns can you put on the foil before it sinks? Does it help to spread them out? What if you make a foil boat can it hold more Candy Corns?

Materials (affiliate links):
Candy Corn ( I bought them at the dollar store.)
Bin of water

Here is a video of the boys doing the activity! 

Posted by LEARN as you PLAY- Early Childhood Activites on Sunday, 29 September 2019

First get a bin and put water in it.  Next get a piece of foil.  Place the foil in the water.  Ask the child if they notice what the foil is doing? Talk about floating and sinking. 


Have them guess how many candy corns they can put on the foil before it sinks.  

The first time they tried it they put all the candy corns in the middle of the foil.  The second time we talked about distributing the weight.  If they spread the candy corns out could the foil hold more? 

Then we made boats out of foil.  The boys guessed the boats would hold more candy corns since they had sides and the water wouldn’t get in the boat as fast. 


They were right! We talked about how adding walls to their boats displaces more water. Allowing the foil to hold more weight.  

Here is the link for our facebook post!

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  1. Hello! Love this experiment. I am trying to join your mailing list but I keep getting an error. Hoping you can add me! Thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience the link isn’t working for some reason. I will manually add you and send you the link! Glad you are enjoying our stuff.

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