Which Materials Absorb Water? Ages 3+

This is a simple science experiment with some things you can find around your house!  First we talked about the term absorbing.  Then we tested which materials absorbed water and which ones didn’t.  We used a piece of wax paper, foil, some cotton balls and a sponge.  Kysen used his scientific inquiry skills as he explored with the water and different materials.

Materials (affiliate links):
Piece of Wax paper
Piece of foil
Cotton Balls
Tray or Pan
Glass jar or cup for water
Food Coloring

Here is a video of Kysen doing the activity! 

Which materials absorb water? Ages 3+

Posted by LEARN as you PLAY- Early Childhood Activites on Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Set up all your materials. Then we talked about the term absorbing. 

We added some food coloring to the water to make it more fun! It also makes it easier to see the water.

Then let them explore with the pipette and water.  Which materials absorb the water and which ones don’t?


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