Cornmeal, Sifters, Measuring Cups & Metal Cans! Ages 3+

The kids in my class have loved playing in this sensory bin.  Many of them have never used a sifter before. They love scooping and dumping the cornmeal and beans mix into the sifters.  Then sifting all the cornmeal out of the sifter.  They think it is so cool how the beans don’t get sifted but the cornmeal does.

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White Beans
Measuring Scoopers
Metal Cans

Place all the materials in a sensory bin. Then let kids explore and enjoy the conversations! I like to ask the kids questions while they play. What happens to the cornmeal when you shake the sifter? Why does the cornmeal go through the sifter but not the beans? Do you think all these beans will fill up the can?

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