Lids and Letter cards! Ages 3+

Start collecting lids!!! I happen to have saved a bunch of the same ones but they can be the same or different.  Put the lids and letter cards out as loose parts and let kids explore!  This is an easy way to work with kids on alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness and concept of print.  As they play ask them questions or give them little challenges.  What letter is on top of your tower?  What letter are you going to use next?  Let’s say the letters as we pick them up.  Can you find the letters in your name? Can you match the lids to the cards? What sound does the letter make?

26 lids
Sharpie Marker
print free letter cards

I like to start by just putting the materials out and seeing what the kids do with them.  It always amazes me when I see how many different ways children interact with the same materials. These kids decided to build a tower.  What letter is on top?  What sound does that letter make? How many lids did you use for your tower?


This child put the letters in a line. What letter comes first?  What letter comes last? What letter is between the R and the D?  What letter is in front of the V?  Can you read the letters to me starting with the G?  So many ways to talk about concept of print.

This child decided to match the lids to the letter cards.  As she was matching she was saying the letters out loud.

In this picture the child found the letters in her name.  I asked her what is her first letter?  Middle letter? Last letter? We also worked on the sounds of the letters in her name.

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