Compound Words & Magna-Tiles! Ages 3+

Compound words are a combination of two words that function as a single word.  Working with compound words is a good way for kids to grow their phonological awareness skills.  

Materials (aff link):


Compound word printable (20 words that combine to make 10 compound words) 

Clear packing tape

First print out the compound word printable. I like to laminate the cards but up to you.  After I laminate them I tape them onto the Magna- Tile with a piece of packing tape.  Put the single words on a square Magna-Tile and the compound words on a rectangle Magna-Tile or 2 square Magna-Tiles pushed together.  

Once you get all the words taped onto the Magna-Tiles you are ready to play! 

Start by handing them a compound word and see if they can find the 2 words that make up the compound word.  For more of a challenge turn the compound words over and see if they can make compound words from the single words. Then find the compound word.  


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