Find the Missing Number! Ages 3+

Can you fill in the numbers that are missing? This is a fun way to practice counting and number recognition.  When the child is first starting use the 3 number strips.  As their counting and number recognition skills grow use the 5 number strips.

Number Gaps Printable (includes twelve 3  number strips 1-10,  twelve 3 number strips 10-20, seven  5 number strips 1-10, seven 5 number strips 10-20 ) 
Bottle tops

First print out the number gaps printable. Next cut up the rows of numbers. I like to laminate the strips so they last longer.

Grab your bottle tops and write the numbers 1-20 on them. You will need 2 sets for all the strips (so 40 tops).  You can also just make 1 set of numbers and take the tops off as they do a strip.  

Now you are ready to play!

Kysen started with the single digits with 3 numbers. Then he moved onto the teens with 3 numbers.

Next Kysen did the 5 number strips.  First the single digits then the teens.

Check out more of our Number Sense activities here

A coupe of them are:

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