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No Turkey for Thanksgiving – Book Activities

No Turkey for Thanksgiving

By Jacqueline Jules


No Turkey for Thanksgiving, by Jacqueline Jules, is a story about a little Vietnamese girl and is worried that she is not having turkey for Thanksgiving, but learns that other families have different traditions for the holiday too.

What is included with the book write-up?

  • Vocabulary list
  • Questions for teaching inferencing skills to enhance comprehension
  •  Journal prompts
  • Detailed activities that cover learning outcomes for Math, Language & Literacy, Science and Art
  • Save hours of searching the internet for activity ideas
  • Hands on activities with things you can find around the house

Learning Outcomes covered:


  • Children will learn to discriminate the sounds of language ( phonological awareness)
  • Children will segment words (names) into syllables with adult guidance (3 year old, beginning on own as a 4-5 year old)
  • Children will develop age appropriate writing skills
  • Children will begin to develop age appropriate strategies that will assist in reading( retelling and alphabet knowledge
  • Children will develop an understanding of new vocabulary introduced in conversations, activities, stories or books
  • Children will develop skills in listening for the purpose of comprehension


  • Children will create and duplicate simple patterns
  • Children will develop a sense of space and understanding of basic geometric shapes


  • Children will acquire scientific knowledge related to physical science
  • Children will use processes of science to actively explore and increase understanding of the environment


  • Children will explore and use a variety of materials to develop artistic expression

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