Shapes Match! Ages 3+

This is a fun way to work on shape recognition.  Shapes are everywhere.  Kids love pointing out shapes they see in the world around them.  The printable for this activity includes 8 different shapes : circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, oval,  heart and rhombus.

Materials (affiliate links):
Shape Match Printable
Velcro dots

Start by printing out the shape match printable.  I like to laminate the blank board page and shape cards  so they last longer.  Then put one rough velcro dot in the middle of each square on the blank boar page.  Next cut out the shape cards.  Then put a piece of soft velcro on the back of each shape card.


Place the shapes that you want to work with in the left hand column.


Then mix up the picture cards for those shapes and have the child match them to the same shape.


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