Stacking Tower Cards! Ages 3+

Here is a fun building game that also works on color matching. It incorporates some balancing, critical thinking and problem solving skills along the way too.

Materials (affiliate link):
Cardboard tubes  (I bought the colored ones at Hobby Lobby)
Stacking Tower Cards Printable

– If you don’t have colored tubes you can paint them or wrap them with colored painters tape.

I printed out 2 sets of the Stacking Tower Cards Printable. You can print one but I made them double sided. I like to put a 2 dot card on one side and a 4 dot card on the other side. Then I put 2 different 3 dot cards together. To make them double sided I put the papers together before I ran them through the laminator. It helps if they are double sided in case they get stuck on a card they can’t use as far as balancing the tower.

Once you have the Stacking Tower Cards and cardboard tubes ready your child can start building! Kysen realized that starting with a 4 dot card would give him the strongest base.

Kysen had so much fun figuring out how to get his tower as high as he could using up almost all of the cardboard tubes. Looks like we have to get more tubes!

Download This File:

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