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Beans, Tubes, Cans & Containers! Ages 3+

This is an easy sensory bin to set up.  We used pinto beans and black beans but any kind of beans would work.  The kids really had a great time exploring with using the tubes as ramps and slides.  Through trial and error they made some great discovers. We also had some great conversations about the different sizes of the tubes, how one is taller and one is shorter and wider.  Which tube do you think would fill the can up the most?

Different size cardboard tubes
Metal Cans
Beans (we used black and pinto beans, but any beans would work)

 Which tube holds more beans the tall skinny one or the shorter wider one?

How many scoops does it take to fill the container? 

Trying to figure out how to get beans in 2 different tubes at the same time. 

I can build a tower with these materials! 

Here is a link to the facebook post! 

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