Playing is fun and learning can be too!

Exploring with Light! 6 months+

We set up this light reflection activity for Devyn!  She has been so interested in lights.  Turns out the boys loved this activity just as much as she did!

“Playing with light and reflection provides the perfect opportunity for magical experiences to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Light and darkness hold fascination and intrigue, as well as an element of risk and challenge and of being scared. Exploring light and shadow enables children to appreciate the awe and wonder of the world around them and provides an environment where children can develop their natural curiosity.”

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String of lights  (I found them at the dollar store)
Crohet Blanket or a box

Kysen built a fort for him and Devyn!  After they played with it for a day, we decided to add some lights! 

The boys were so excited when she started exploring with the lights!  They jumped right in and explored with her! 

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